Our Meant To Be Journey

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Today we are sitting at ONE Hazelton restaurant on a beautiful sunny summer day in Toronto. Sabrina (CEO of Meant to Be) and myself have been friends for nearly one and half years and it all started by her setting me up with a man through her ‘Meant to Be” private match making service. I had been single for just over 3 years after a heartbreak and she helped me find the courage to give love another chance. Although that relationship did not work it helped me open my heart and it became clear what I was looking for in a partner. Through this business journey, our friendship flourished as we found ourselves sharing the same passion in life, relating to connecting people, love and the importance of healthy relationships. We both believe in the importance of consistently being great to each other and how this will result in positive, respectful and lasting relationships.

Today we are creating a collaborative brand where I would contribute by way of contributing lifestyle, fashion and relationship blogs and also VLOGGING the journey of a few selected women that we represent. In our VLOGS we will be showcasing how “meant to be” is an experience that will positively change the way you view yourself and relationships forever. It is our passion to help women cultivate a balanced life of purpose and through that will come confidence “the best beauty secret.” Not to mention, we help our clients look and feel their best through the obvious, make-up, styling tips, healthy eating and exercise.

Through my blogs I will be sharing my own personal experiences in love, fashion, exercise, healthy eating, travel and I am excited to bring you along with me.
I am hopeful that whilst learning about me it will challenge you to learn about yourself and ultimately are insightful and somehow useful to you.

Let this beautiful collaboration begin !! I forecast a healthy life that is full of love and meaningful relationships on the horizon!


Remember, it’s the journey not the destination after all. Take care of yourself my friends <3

perfectadminOur Meant To Be Journey