Meet Your Matchmaker,
Sierra Armstrong

English is her second language, Love is her first language. Sierra has spent the last 10 years of her life studying and understanding the concept of love to a degree of mastery, a concept we all seem to be obsessed with trying achieve.

She has travelled all over the world to learn from great masters about yoga, meditation, breath-work, tantra and of course love. Learning what she has on her travels and intensive, deep self exploration has given her the tools to help others.

Having worked as a model for 10 years Sierra knows both inner and outer beauty. Taking her life experience it’s her aim to help others love themselves and then rise in love with another.

Intimate relationships are what Sierra lives for and she is all about helping others connect deeply with one another. Her intuitive nature and ability to see through people’s bullshit make for exceptional matches that are based on truth and mutual attraction, that mat start with first glance, but ends with a deep understanding of one another and a love that will last.

Meet Your Founder and CEO,
Sabrina Capone

Sabrina, founder and CEO of Meant To Be has spent her entire life building relationships. Through her own personal journey, she has spent years servicing high-profile clients in sports management, special events and hospitality. Having mastered the art of identifying and meeting incredibly high standards, Sabrina now dedicates her time to discovering new relationships with other businesses and providing support to her team.

Her philosophy is simple: she loves life and bringing successful, beautiful people together. Being sensitive, treating every person with dignity and respect, and taking the time to develop relationships built on care and trust, is the foundation in which Sabrina’s private matchmaking service is built upon.

As a highly personalized matchmaker, Sabrina fully commits herself to understanding her client’s needs and helping those looking for love in a meaningful relationship- which is why she molded her team of professionals to live by her philosophy. She offers full support to her team members throughout the entire matchmaking process, ensuring the most positive and private experience.


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